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Credit and Debit Cards for a locally national bank

Credito Valtellinese, aka Creval, is one of the most significant bank groups in Italy. Their philosophy is to support locally and closely the business, from companies to entrepreneurs and professionals, in all the Italian territory. In fact all the Credito Valtellinese branches historically did grow together with the local people, being effectively partners of the local economical growths. They are national and local, at the same time.

To be more versatile, therefore to expand their offer, they wanted to give their customers a completely new service of Credit and Debit Cards. The principle task was to create a main set of  Cards with a unique key: the territory, to remark their attention to the local peoples. Beside this, the whole Cards set had to be remade, including the Corporate Cards, and Young Cards.

In order to have a stronger impact on the public, a new consumer version of the Credito Valtellinese identity had to be created. A complete Brand Architecture was generated with a new version of the Brand Symbol, in a subtle, elegant technological interpretation with a calibrated 3D-metal effect, creating a new consumer brandmark.


creval logo identity brand marchio pitscheider

creval crediti card bancomat pitscheidercreval carte di credito pitscheidercredit debit cards creval brand pitscheider

Project developed for Lumen

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