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Beauty is Biotec Italia: avantgarde technology and products made in Italy

Biotec Italia is a company in the business of Health & Beauty. They are worldwide known for their forefront technology and for the highest quality of products. Their unique Research and Development team keeps Biotec Italia as the benchmark in the industry. Biotec Italia makes high technology and innovative devices and machines for the treatment of the skin aesthetics, acting in depth achieving unseen results. Their technology is also supported by their own lines of skin products, results of innovative research as well.

Over the recent years the company had the opportunity to further develop and grow significantly, both on the Italian and the international markets. Their presence in all the continents had reached the point to need strengthening their brand awareness, to be efficient in facing the competitors with power.

The new Biotec Italia identity is thought to tell more about their expertise. A totally new logo, gentle and smooth, in lower case letters, speaks elegantly about the natural approach to the skin improving process, in line with the philosophy of the company, indeed focused on the empowerment and enhancement of the skin itself, instead of the artificial approach. In fact, the new symbol, based in the initial “b” letter, is conceived to resemble the skin layers, also recalling to the fingerprint that everyone has as unique sign of features and personality. The allover look is now clean and light, to demonstrate the transparent approach of Biotec Italia to the aesthetic treatments.

In Italy Biotec Italia is operative on two connected sides, but each refers to a different professional target. The Medical division creates devices specifically oriented to a deeper, more clinical care, while the Aesthetics division is related to aesthetic centres.

The new identity lead to making the new website and to develop the complete Communication set, from specialised advertising to exhibition stands and all collateral materials.


nick pitscheider Biotec Italia rebranding

Nick Pitscheider Biotec Italia guidelines

Nick Pitscheider Nicola Pitscheider Biotec Italia communication branding

Nick Pitscheider Nicola Pitscheider Biotec Italia rebranding exhibition stand

Project developed for Maggipinto Agency

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