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Digital Solutions for Innovative Companies.

CLE, a leading Information Technology company in Italy, partner of Public Admin services and private Industries in many different businesses. CLE makes complete technological systems, from the physical infrastructure to the software, custom designed for each client.

CLE has been in the business for a few decades. When the thirstiest anniversary was getting closer they decided it was the right time to go through a rebranding operation with a solidification of their positioning, together with a whole refreshing action within the company. Effectively CLE is about future, innovation, development and results. So they wanted to remark the authoritative and respected image they built with years of great success.

In Maggipinto Agency we created the new CLE brand, with a new brandmark and a new payoff, to convey a strong message meaning that the digital solution is essential and needs to be specifically designed: as simple as that!

Because CLE is active within specific competence areas, they had different identities used across a conspicuous number of situations. The rebranding plan we developed in fact, created a brand architecture that unites all the CLE branches and initiatives under one whole umbrella.

Brand Guidelines and Corporate communication materials have been created for CLE, covering a wide range of applications, as well as advertising campaigns, print and video.


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Project developed for Maggipinto Agency

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