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The exclusive Mineral Water from the heart of the Dolomites

Cedea is a new luxury mineral water, harvested in the heart of the Dolomites, in the north-east of Italy, territory of the Ladins.

In order to enter its specific market niche, quite populated by small brands and big players in the industry, a Branding and Product Design project was essential for the Cedea Water success. Its brand creation was inspired by a Ladin legend, talking of the magic colour that the Dolomites achieve at sunset and sunrise, called Enrosadira, vibrant like a “Garden of Roses” (Rosengarten). So the Cedea brandmark was designed with a custom rose flower, embodying the brand name as a stem. The name itself comes from the Ladin traditions too, after Cedea, their Goddess of Water, generating Life.

The product design process, developed at the same time, generated a glass bottle that embeds the brands rose symbol, carved in its bottom and intensely coloured. Objective of the design was to create a unique and exclusive product, to be luxury and to be one of a kind. The bottle finally created is a peculiar, unseen smooth shape that presents spiral flowing lines and has no symmetry, so becoming sensually and delicately curved. The water contained in such unique and dedicated bottle comes to life thanks to the colour reflections that shine inside of it.

Visual language and design style have been developed for Cedea, also using stunning aerial imagery of the Dolomite mountains, exclusively shot by Cedea’s official photographer Mattia Rizzi.  BTL communication materials, gift box and outer packaging were created beside the corporate materials. Exhibition stands have also been designed to participate to international business expos.

The Cedea website, made with Alberto Sala, has been implemented too, allowing the view of the amazing Dolomite mountains.

With Maggipinto Agency we also made a 30″ video commercial to be broadcasted on selected events and channels. Glamour Model Raquel Balencia is featured in the ad, wearing one of her amazing Haute Couture dresses.

I am proud to be the winner of the prestigious global Red Dot Award 2018, the A’Design Award and Competition 2019 and the Platinum Muse Design Awards 2019, for the excellence of the unique and outstanding design of Cedea Luxury Mineral Water, which I developed with my design partner Sharon Hassan. Recently I have also been awarded by the Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards for the Best Glass Bottle and the Best Packaging/Label. Furthermore, the ADI (Italian Association for the Industrial Design) nominated the Cedea design for the 2020 edition of the Compasso d’Oro Award.

cedea mineral water nick pitscheider nicola red dot

cedea mineral water nick pitscheider nicola

cedea packaging award awards prize nick nicola pitscheider design



cedea nick nicola pitscheider design branding packaging award winning

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