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Restaurant and Pizza with Love

Oolivoo is a new restaurants chain of pizza and typical apulian culinary tradition, created by a pool of celebrities, like football players and people in the entertainment business. One of the main partners is Al Bano Carrisi, the popular Italian singer, who is right from the same Italian region, Puglia.

The task was to create everything from scratch: starting with the name, statement and payoff, and then design the brand and the whole communication system of the restaurants, simply including everything. From the identity to the communication language, from the advertising to the POS elements, from the BTL materials to the interiors, windows and signs.

The Olive was taken to resemble the apulian cooking tradition. It’s one of the best known ingredients of their healthy and tasty recipes, here interpreted both in an icon and in a curious name, Italian and international, in a vintage look & feel. A self explaining payoff was added introducing the Love factor, that Italian thing that makes the difference. So the identity was designed, carrying the core values of historical roots, nature, authenticity and passion.

The style subsequently developed gave birth to a complete language style, to the Design System and the communication concept. The all-round development of the Oolivoo project created a whole little world of taste, tradition and passion, with the apulian love to make delicious dishes.



oolivoo pizza restaurant brand logo identity

oolivoo pizza restaurant branding graphics design system

oolivoo pizza restaurant branding pos uniform interiors ristorante

oolivoo pizza restaurant advertising adv campaign pubblicita ristorante

oolivoo pizza ristorante internioolivoo restaurant products shelves interiorsoolivoo albano al bano carrisi video

Project developed for Maggipinto Agency

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