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OneCoin, a major cryptocurrency player on the global economical market, needed a rebranding operation to reinvigorate itself against a growing number of competitors. The new identity had to be simpler, more memorable and accessible, still keeping the personality of the previous logo but moving away from the Euro coin look.

The rebranded OneCoin was created rebalancing symbol and typography, keeping the colours and the gold metal feeling. The readability of the symbol was enhanced and the type style was completely changed, to match the symbol and to become more approachable. Lowercase letters allowed the logo to be gentle and easy, while keeping the tech feeling thanks to their straight shapes.

A complete guidelines manual was developed to ensure the OneCoin future growth to be solid, consistent and steady through all physical and digital applications, eventually carrying meanings of safeness and security to the public perception. Being the cryptocurrency intangible, the new OneCoin identity needed to show a clean physical validation. In this regard a Design System and a Visual Language were also created, to characterise the OneCoin applications and communication materials, from the BTL items to the advertising communication.


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Project developed for James Branding


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