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Pasta Felicia: pure pleasure, natural taste.

Felicia is the pasta brand of Andriani, the major producer of gluten-free flour in Italy. Since the market of gluten-free products is increasingly growing, the importance of healthy food is significantly getting more attention. Pasta Felicia needed a deep rebranding to renew its strength against a growing number of competitors, on the international market.

The new identity we created for pasta Felicia in Maggipinto Agency  is based on the previous logo, injecting in it a superior level of vitality with a new, clean dynamism that enhances the historical qualities of the Felicia brand. This restyling highlights the brandmark capabilities to carry the brand’s original values of wellbeing, pureness and nature. The quality of life related to the quality of food is resembled in gentle and friendly green shapes, standing on a leaf.
A complete brandbook was elaborated to support all the future developments of Felicia, for both corporate and product applications.

The Felicia rebranding was extended to completely new packaging solutions for their lines, gluten-free and special legume flours, building a new, fresh, brand style and personality. The product is visible through a custom shaped window that is integrated into the graphic design of the pack. Colours picked from a natural palette give the green feeling of healthiness, sustainability and organic taste. Beside, strong colour accents differentiate the lines, adding the perception of flavour tastiness.

The launch of the new Felicia identity was then developed with all-round advertising campaigns, communicating the Felicia interpretation of life, driven by their historical natural values and through renewed energies.


pasta Felicia gluten-free redesign identity logo rebranding

pasta Felicia gluten-free rebranding brandbook design guidelines

nick pitscheider branding confezioni felicia senza glutine

Project developed for Maggipinto Agency

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