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Strumento Marino: the watches for the next challenge.

Strumento Marino, the sport marine watches brand by GPA Fine Accessories, needed a brand redesign to consolidate their success and to reinforce their identity within the global sport watches market, very competitive. In order to face strongly the latest challenges in marketing, a choice of restyling was inevitable.

The new identity developed with Maggipinto Agency introduced a new minimal style, making the scubadiver icon completely customised and unique. His mask is now seen from the front side, highlighting the individuality of the explorer and his passion for adventures. All the unnecessary details were removed, leaving the man with only the elements needed to code its sports gear, with the typical smooth movement of its floating in the water.  A new typography was developed to design a completely new logo, not only matching the type with the symbol, building an integrated brandmark, but also defining a sport-oriented personality with dynamic lines yet strong and determined.

The personality of Strumento Marino watches was transferred to a newly developed advertising campaign, building a brand language talking of engaging adventure, passion and enjoyment.


strumento marino watches brand redesign logo scuba

strumento marino watches logo watch product

strumento marino advertising adv campaign

Project developed for Maggipinto Agency

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