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Security systems to enjoy life safely

Combivox is an historical Italian brand of security systems for all needs. From the little private apartment to the big company, to factories and animal farms.

After many years of success, Combivox reached the ceiling of their previous positioning, based on concepts and elements that had to be innovated to allow the company to get to the next level. A radical rebranding operation was developed, elaborating a new strategy and a new positioning. The objective was to recreate a brand completely renewed and strong, simply able to win all the competition challenges.

The new Combivox brandmark was created from scratch, with a type totally custom designed. Their traditional smile (recalling to their patented speaking technology) was re-elaborated, becoming the starting point of the new Combivox Design System. The new identity, completed by a new payoff, was now focusing on the customer quality of life rather than the devices needed to obtain it. In this direction, a total visual language was created, with new concepts, new colours, new graphic elements. The whole communication system was developed in an all-round rebranding: now Combivox talks another language. Its rebranding involved corporate communication, consumer communication, the totality of the packaging and even the physical products themselves.

Beside the Brandbook, Design Guidelines, all the BTL materials and sponsorship items, consumer advertising campaigns were developed on all media and exhibition stands were designed for Combivox to participate at expos and commercial events.


combivox brand brandbook guidelines

combivox brand communication BTL

combivox brand packaging

combivox brand communication

Project developed for Maggipinto Agency

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