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The bike tour of Italy.

The internationally famous Giro d’Italia, the bike tour of Italy, takes place every year during spring. Owner and organiser of this important event is La Gazzetta dello Sport (see section). When they repositioned the newspaper, and their identity was rebranded, the Giro d’Italia identity had to be updated too.

The logo was completely redesigned: new biker, new bike (made faster), new Italian flag, new typography. The logotype was composed using GdS, the font specifically designed for La Gazzetta dello Sport. The new identity of Giro d’Italia now was belonging again to the newspaper masthead.

Following to this main rebranding, a special version of Giro d’Italia was released: the Centoanni version, made for the edition 2009. This specific identity was for the one-century anniversary of Giro d’Italia, which first edition was indeed in 1909.

Design Guidelines for the brand usage were released, both for the Giro d’Italia and the Giro d’Italia Centoanni identities, after the La Gazzetta dello Sport Brandbook was developed.


giro d'Italia manual

giro d italia centoanni 100 gazzetta

Project developed for Lumen

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